We are Stuber Team

50+ years of experience
70+ employees
10+ apprentices
“There’s no such thing as impossible – We develop ideas by talking to our customers and give everything to turn them into reality.”
Simone Stuber, CEO of Stuber Team

We make change a perfect experience

We have been helping our customers to express their personality in the design of their home for more than 50 years. We offer a one-stop service and design, plan and realise perfect solutions for kitchens, living and work rooms as well as tailor-made furniture. We do this in a dedicated, reliable and uncomplicated manner, and as a team. We derive great pleasure from setting the highest standards, meeting customers and making them happy. For rooms that are as individual as the people who live in them.

A team of specialists

  • Management
  • Planning / Sales
  • Interior Design
  • Planning / Work Preparation
  • Administration
  • Production

Gerd Stuber

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Simone Stuber

Chief Executive Officer

Ivo Notz

Head of Coordination

Xaver Schuler

Head of Sales

Patrik Barmettler

Leiter Finanzen/Controlling

Sue Bachmann

Consultant Showroom

Jasmin Bernet

Planning / Sales

René Betschart

Planning / Sales

Franz Gisler

Planning / Sales

Jolanda Jäger

Consultant Showroom

Lia Jahnke

Planning / Sales

Marcel Kunz

Calculation / Sales

Remo Scherer

Teamleader Sales

Xaver Schuler

Head of Sales

Ruedi Zürcher

Planning / Sales

Nick Andermatt


Devin Arnold

Apprentice Carpenter EFZ

Daniel Aschwanden


Daniel Bader

Machine Operator

Damian Berther

Lernender Schreiner EFZ

Patrick Bernet


Pascal Bertschi

Teamleader Surfaces

Marco Blaser

Teamleader Machine Room

Tim Britschgi

Lernender Schreiner EFZ

Severin Bucher


Jakob Buchmann

Head of Production

Milan Djurdjevic


Julian Eberle

Apprentice carpenter EFZ

Florian Elmiger

Teamleader Bench Room

Mario Elsener

Apprentice carpenter EFZ

Gilberto Fernandes

Surface Specialist

Kay Fischer


Joel Herzog

Surface Specialist

Livio Jenni


Bruno Keiser


Bruno Marsico


Daniel Nef

Assistant Carpenter

Corina Odermatt


Dominic Odermatt

Lernender Schreiner EFZ

Julia Rogenmoser

Apprentice Carpenter EFZ

Thomas Schmid

Teamleader Assembly

Josef Seeholzer


Mogos Tekleab

Apprentice Carpenter EFZ

Cedric Wandeler


Mallina Wartenweiler


Roman Wismer

Machine Operator

Patrick Zurmühle


Cyril Abdallah

Lernender Zeichner EFZ

Jasmin Bernet

Interior Designer HF

Carina Keiser

Lernende Zeichnerin EFZ

Edith Mathis

Zeichnerin Fachrichtung Innenarchitektur

Mirjam Obertüfer

Projektkoordination Innenarchitektur / Zeichnerin Fachrichtung Architektur

Melanie Rosenkranz

Apprentice Interior Design Draftsperson

Xaver Schuler

Interior Designer HF

Patrik Barmettler

Finance / Controlling

Michael Felder

Leiter digitale Transformation & Prozessoptimierung

Mirella Kleiner

Teamleader Administration & Organisation

Lustenberger Muriel


Heidi Steffen

Telefonie / Administration

Gerhard Amstutz

Coordinator Services / Device Replacement

Thomas Balmer

Planning / Avor

Josua Barmettler

Planning / Avor

Markus Baumgartner

Planning / Avor

Daniel Forny

Planning / Avor

Philipp Meier

Teamleader Planning / Avor

Fabian Notter

Planning / Avor

Ivo Notz

Head of Design

Bruno Stadelmann

Planning / Avor

Stefan Stadelmann

Planning / Avor

Amos Tomamichel

Planung / Avor

We are always interested in talented professionals and look forward to hearing from you.

Personal and individual

Your needs are at the center of everything we think and do. So that working with us is a thoroughly positive experience for you.

Genuine teamwork

Our products and services are always developed as a team. It is our shared passion for what we do and how we do it, that makes the real difference for you and for us.

Unique quality

We demand the highest standards for quality, functionality and design of our work. Whether individual pieces or a bulk order - our workmanship remains distinctive and is of the same high quality.
The history of Stuber Team

The most important milestones

  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2013
  • 2010
  • 2000
  • 1997
  • 1988
  • 1984
  • 1982
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  • 1963

New management with Stuber DNA

Simone Stuber (CEO), Ivo Notz (Head of Coordination) and Xaver Schuler (Head of Sales) take over the operational management of the company, while Gerd Stuber concentrates as Chairman of the Board of Directors on the business strategy.


The course for a successful future is set

Simone Stuber joins the Board of Directors and takes on more management duties and responsibilities - alongside the two long-time directors Ivo Notz and Xaver Schuler and Jakob Buchmann as a member of the extended management board.


Simone Stuber joins the family business

Simone Stuber, the daughter of Gerd und Irma Stuber, joins the management together with Gerd and Roger Stuber.


Digitisation has arrived

The purchase of a new CAD system allows continuous production from planning to the CNC machine.


Swiss Kitchen Award

Stuber Team wins the Jury Prize of Swiss Kitchen Award.


Stuber Team's 50th anniversary

The company outing to Berlin and the appearance of Adolf Ogi, the Former President of the Swiss Confederation, as a speaker at Stuber Day are the highlights in the anniversary year.


Production building extended

The production and storage facilities are increased.


A new production and exhibition building

The company can move into the newbuild in Rotkreuz only one year after the ground-breaking ceremony.


The second generation takes over the reins

Otto and Maria Stuber hand over the company to their sons Gerd Stuber and Roger Stuber.


Kitchen paradise in 500 square metres

In Lettenstrasse, Rotkreuz, a spacious new kitchen showroom is opened.


The family business grows

Roger Stuber, the younger son of Otto and Maria Stuber, joins the company.


"De Rotkrüzer Holzwurm"

The first traveling carpenter's workshop is founded.


The share of women is growing

Irma Stuber, the wife of Gerd Stuber, joins the company.


Entry of the second generation

Gerd Stuber, the elder son of Otto and Maria Stuber, joins the company.


Become kitchen specialits

Otto and Maria Stuber open the first kitchen showroom in Waldetenstrasse, Rotkreuz.


Start of a new era

Otto and Maria Stuber take over the carpentry/wanon-making business from Otto's brother.