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Uncompromising cooperation for a perfect result: Step by step, Stuber Team worked out the entire interior design together with the long-standing customers.

Designing living space means designing a place so that it becomes home for the people who live in it. A very personal task that requires great trust in the interior design and its realisation. Because for many people, the kitchen and every piece of furniture tell their very own story - linking today with tomorrow.

"I really like it when customers help me move forward with their expectations and very personal ideas."

Ivo Notz, Member of the Management Board of Stuber Team

Throughout the house, custom shapes made from hand-selected materials blend with the architecture. A special challenge for Stuber Team was the color request for the veneer. Black is not always black: The wood was processed in such a way that it appears jet black at first glance. On closer inspection, a light red shimmers through, as if by magic.